Open International

Tournament category :
G2 5.000,00 US dollars prize Money

Place :
Carbet Beach

Time : from 3th to 5th April 2015

Organizer (Club) :
Madinina Beach Tennis

Tournament Director :
Jacques MUHEL

If you want to participate to this
tournament or if you would like further
information. One single address  :

Martinique - The sport part

Friday, 18th April Saturday, 19th April Sunday, 20th April
Double Men & Women
(Qualification until the 8th + classification matches )
+ Partners tournament
+ Opening Party
Double Men & Women Finale
(1/4, 1/2, finales, classification matches)
+ Eco Night Party
Mixed Double
+ Double Youngsters
+ Party for celebrating

Who can participate? Every player having a Tennis License.

Admission : 40€ per team for Men's or Women's Double, 20€ per team for Mixed Double.

You want to participate to the tournament or you would like further information. One single address :

Beach Tennis in Martinique

The association was just created in September 2012 and has now more than 50 members.

The main goal of Madinina Beach Tennis is to provide a new offer in the sport and tourism’s fields through the development of the beach tennis.

The club Madinina Beach Tennis is focused on promoting, organizing and supervising Caribbean beach tennis activity.

With the influence of Mr. Jacques MUHEL, Madinina Beach Tennis has implemented a sport & touristic dynamic in Martinique, by organizing 5 tournaments (including the EcoBeach tournament).