"Playing outside is « funtastic » !" We can fully breathe, we play with the sun & wind that are part of the game.
Last but not least, respecting & protecting our environment is really important for us.

Beach Tennis, what is it?

A sport that is skyrocketing! Considered as being a « New sport activity », beach tennis was born 30 years ago in Italy. It is now in high development, especially since the beginning of the 21th century from the Reunion Island. Nowadays, we can play beach tennis everywhere abroad thanks to proactive beach tennis clubs. The 3rd French championship took place in Corsica.
A sport with efficient supports :
This sport is internationally affiliated with the ITF and nationally affiliated with the French Federation of Tennis.

A sport that sport players can practice :
This sport is dedicated to everyone: tennis players, beach volleyball player, badminton or any other sports player.

For competition or pleisure, Beach Tennis is just fun!

Why Ecobeach ?

Playing outside is « funtastic », we can fully breathe, we play with the sun & wind that are part of the game. Respecting and protecting our environment around us is essential for us, hence we underline our “green” actions during our event. Moreover, we would like to show that it is possible to implement eco-friendly events (a carbon footprint is made for all the event steps).

How do we proceed?
- Local consumption
- Wastes control upstream and during the event
- Organic cotton t-shirts & players’ dresses Made in France
- Optimization of all ways of transport and carbon compensation for travels by air made by our visitors.

Sport & Tourism

In March, we start with the Reunion Island’s tournament, then, comes the one in Mauritius Island – in April, we start by Guadeloupe and organize the next weekend in Martinique!

We thus propose you 10 days of an “EcoBeach tour”: meaning 2 tournaments accompanied by tourism tours in Indian Ocean & in Caribbean islands.Moreover, this sport is in constant & high development all over islands, offering to players many opportunities to play Beach Tennis throughout the year hence many tournaments to participate!

You do not know what to do for your next holiday? Do not hesitate to combine Sport & tourism for having a wonderful trip!


Many activities during the tournament

During the tournaments, many other activities will be dedicated to our young public but also to adults!

For youngsters: activities & games with the sustainable development as major topic.

For all public: you will have the pleasure to follow the artist David ZELLER (The Caribbean Woodcarver) who will transform a wood trunk to an Artwork!