Open International

Tournament category :
G1 10,000.00 US dollars for Prize Money

Place :
Place des Brisants
(Brisants Square, St Gilles Les Bains)

Time :
from the 18th to the 22th of March 2015

Organizer (Club) :
3B (Bourbon, Brisant Beach Tennis)

If you want to participate to this
tournament or if you would like further
information. One single address  :

Reunion Island - The sport part

Who can participate? Every player having a Tennis License.

Admission : 40€ per team for Men's or Women's Double, 10€ per team for Mixed Double, 40 € for both tournaments.

You want to participate to the tournament or you would like further information. One single address :

Other Tournaments

Wednesday, 18th March
Tournament for youngsters (all the tennis licensees) – Final on Sunday (main court!) + Practice opened to everybody

Universities/Academic tournament + Practice opened to everybody

Partners Tournament

On Friday night : the Tournament of our event’s partners.
Partners will constitute teams that will be challenged – they also will discover the beach tennis in a Beach Attitude Atmosphere! Teams will be coached by experienced players.

Beach Tennis @Reunion :

The 3B club was created on September 2006, it has now reached more than 200 members. The objective of the 3B Beach Tennis is to propose a large offer of sport activities throughout the development of the beach tennis for its island, particularly on the west side of the island.

2 other clubs also exists (one located in the South and an other in the East side). You can come whenever you want to participate to our regional steps, organized by our clubs here!